Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir is ongoing for 2017/2018.   Rehearsals are in the Music Room in Building B.   This choir is for mature K-5th graders.

Even if you have not been part of earlier sessions, you can start at any time.  Check full schedule below to see when next session starts!

5 facts about Faith Building in choir

  • Choir creates a “sound track” for life… a “faith database” of scriptural truth that the Holy Spirit can bring to remembrance in times of celebration or challenge.
  • Choir makes a significant contribution to a child’s understanding of God and the experience of worship, even allowing them to become worship leaders.
  • Choir helps children learn about the history and heritage of our faith.
  • Choir helps children fulfill the Biblical admonishment to “sing to the Lord.”
  • Choir allows children to use their mind, body and spirit to express worship.


Parents, children who participate in choir LOVE our time together. They had fun while learning. We had a good group last year and want both BOYS and GIRLS to participate! Do your part to encourage their musical and spiritual growth by participating in this ministry of Holy Trinity.


5 reasons to have your child participate in choir

  • Choir lets children experience nurture and unconditional acceptance.
  • Choir is scientifically proven to propel children forward and above the norm in scholastic studies.
  • Choir allows children to actively lead worship and give back to the church community.
  • Choir helps the 17% of children who need special attention to discover their singing voice, match pitch and to use the singing voice properly.
  • Choir here is free!  There are no fees since the expenses are covered through the church.


Children’s choir is an important component of Faith Formation. They’ll learn about worship and music in ways they’ll not experience anywhere else.  Did you know that many churches have discontinued offering children’s choir for lack of attendance and parental support?  T We feel that his group is more important important as any social group or sport in which you might also invest time.


5 more reasons to have your child participate in choir

  • Choir helps children develop social skills and concepts of team work and cooperation.
  • Choir helps children learn to read music.
  • Choir focuses on doing rather than observing, teaching children to engage their tasks.
  • Choir’s worship leadership helps build confidence as they learn to conquer fear and take positive risks.
  • Choir (singing) is a gift you can give children that will last their entire life.


Holy Trinity is committed to continue this important ministry. Join us! If you have questions, please speak with Bess Yunek, director, Tim Young (ext. 113), or Anne Murphy(ext.114).

 Full 2017-2018 Schedule [PDF]

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